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Invest in the right people

Achieve long-term success and growth by finding the right people more quickly and efficiently.

With almost a decade of recruitment, we wanted to create a different approach where clients​'​ and candidates' interests are put first.

We wanted to ensure that we work closely with you to build a long terms partnership. 

More than a name, or a brand, this is with a Consultant, a recruiter, or a trusted advisor you will be partnering with.


Transparently Honest, Driven by Goals

This offer is focused on hires such as C-Level roles: CEO, CMO (Chief Medical Officer), CTO, CO.

However, this can also perfectly match a difficult, confidential, strategic or urgent hire that would need more time and resources.

A full support and tailor-made approach will be given, with specific milestones, catch-up, and regular data, highlighting the challenges and finding we have on the search.

This offer allows you to interview candidates with no upfront fee. This is a good option when you have time to hire, or are willing to see how we support our partners.

In the need to build a team, or hire multiple roles across a Business Unit? We will create the right solution for you to reach the goals you have and fully function as soon as you need to.

Every company and business has different strategies, goals, and in the end, different needs.

This is why we will make it a priority to understand your needs and your strategy to advise the right approach.

During a meeting, we'll discuss the different approaches and how you'd like to work with us.








Archos Search is an international boutique agency with a focus on the European market. 

Benefit from the highest standards of confidentiality and a vital partner who is able to advise you on the country’s specificity, such as contracts, salaries, regulations, etc...


Confidential Advice, Uncovering Solutions.

Supporting Science People through Knowledge


Archos Search is a European boutique executive search agency focused on LifeScience recruitment, partnering with innovative Biotech and SME Life science organisations. We help our clients to hire the right people within technical functions and markets. We put the customer and candidate’s interest first to build successful partnerships.


Executive Search

Recruitment Partner

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