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Executive Search. Recruitment Partner.

Executive Search / Retained

This offer is focused on hires such as C-Level roles: CEO, CMO (Chief Medical Officer), CTO, CO. However, this can also perfectly match a difficult, confidential, strategic or urgent hire that would need more time and resources. A full support and tailor-made approach will be given, with specific milestones, catch-up, and regular data, highlighting the challenges and finding we have on the search.



This offer allows you to interview candidates with no upfront fee. This is a good option when you have time to hire, or are willing to see how we support our partners.



In the need to build a team, or hire multiple roles across a Business Unit? We will create the right solution for you to reach the goals you have and fully function as soon as you need to.



Supporting science people through knowledge.

Every company, every business has different strategies, goals, and in the end, different needs. This is why we will make it a priority to understand your needs and your strategy in order to advise the right approach. 

Those roles are specifically for France. If you are looking into opening a Affiliate in France, we are more than happy to support you: 

  • Pharmacien Responsable (PR) 

  • Pharmacien Responsable Interimaires (PRI)

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer

  • COO: Chief Operating Officer

  • CSO: Chief Scientific Officer

  • CMO: Chief Medical Officer

Every role having its particularity and context, we will organise a chat to discuss your need in more depth. The goal is to ensure we can support your hire in the best possible way. 

  • Quality Assurance Specialist

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • Quality Assurance Director

  • Head of Quality

  • Pharmacist Quality Assurance. 

  • Clinical Development Manager

  • Associate Medical Director

  • Medical Director

  • Senior Medical Director

  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

  • Principal Scientist

  • Research Scientist

  • Senior Research Scientist

  • Preclinical & R&D Study Director 

  • Head of Preclincial & R&D

  • CMC Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

  • Regulatory Affairs specialist CMC

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager CMC

  • Associate Director Regulatory CMC

  • Director Regulatory Affairs CMC

  • VP, Head of Regulatory Affairs CMC

  • Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

  • Associate Director

  • Director Regulatory Affairs

  • VP, Head of Regulatory Affairs

Pharmacien Responsable

Quality Assurance


Clinical Development 

Scientific & Pre-Clinical

Regulatory CMC


Regulatory Affairs

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